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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clothing Choices

Ever get dressed at home when you're kinda sleepy and then get to work and realize you have on something you should absolutely not be wearing at work?

No? Just me? OK.

*works on plan to stay seated at desk for the day*


  1. LOL hmmm not exactly.  but I have made it a point to stay in my cube at my desk.  Lol

  2. No, BUT I had to get up extra early for my graduation and was running around getting ready in a pair of very casual, almost slipper-like black shoes and then didn't notice that I hadn't changed into the pair I had set out until I got there and it was too late.  I hope no one was looking at my feet when I went up to get my diploma!

  3. Mywhateva11/10/2011

    not really. but i have walked out of the house with one brown shoe and one black shoe. that's what i get for buying shoes in different colors when i find a pair i like.


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