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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ish I Do Not Want To Hear....

My two best friends are struggling in their marriages right now. I keep them both in prayer because I want them to be happy and their families to stay whole.

Today one of them called and said their marriage was over. Their spouse doesn't want to be married any more, says they were never in love with my friend.

What is that right there man?! WHAT IS THAT?

*kicks over chairs and smashes ish*

I wanted to cry, but rather than do that, I asked if they had tried counseling, then I urged my friend to not give up on the marriage and that their kids were worth them fighting to make it better.

I need to believe that marriage can work. That people who love each other can get together, work through ish and come out on the other side happy and holding hands.



  1. Mywhateva11/23/2011

    I can work, and it is hard work. There are compromises, ebbs, flows. I believe in the institution even when it's not going the way I had planned. I do. Really.

  2. Mywhateva11/23/2011

    It ... doggone it.


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