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Saturday, November 5, 2011


I was going to go hang out with a girlfriend today and then I looked around at the dirty clothes I have waiting to be washed and stacks of mail waiting to be sorted and shredded and I sent her a text telling her I needed to stay my behind AT home and handle business.

She said good cause she was on the couch watching trash TV and wasn't feeling like stepping out either.

And a good thing I sorted the mail because I have a doctor's bill that needs to be paid and I need to get receipts and stuff collected to send off for FSA reimbursement. I always do it at the end of the year around the holidays so I can get the money in time to buy presents or pay for travel etc. And I have spent a pretty penny this year in medical costs.

I have gotten such good care and treatment from Providence Hospital, I may try and do all my medical business there in the future. I like that they come and pray with you and stuff. That's soothing when you're stressed or scared.

But what's most important right now is my head is fixed. LOL!

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