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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reflections Of The Way Life Used To Be

Last night, I got the blues. But it's my own fault.

My old roommate was asking to hear a song by Mr. XSLS and as I was hunting one up she asked, "OH! did you ever sing with him?" (<--imagine this said with a heavy french accent) so I dug up the video of us from our wedding performing a duet and next thing you know, I was crying cause I just remembered being so happy that day and thinking we would be together forever.

Anyway, I'll keep the video because if the tadpoles work, I want our child to know that we loved each other once. For some reason that is really important to me, that our child know we loved each other and wanted them.

I think it's interesting the things that are of sentimental value to Mr. XSLS. He has our wedding pics, engagement pics, the sheet music of the arrangement of the song we performed at our wedding and other stuff along those lines. Partly because they are in my keepsake box that belonged to his mom and I haven't taken it from the house yet, though I intend to at some point, and partly because he said he wanted to keep some of those things. It's hard for me not to make everything black and white in regard to him, i.e. you don't want to be married to me any more so why keep memories of the marriage? He also admitted to feeling sad after he got home from divorce court, as he was reading something that he wanted to share with someone and realized that I am the only person who would get it and we would never share these little moments again.

You know what fixed my blues though? The guy I am casually dating called and said he needed to see me. I said I had out of town company, but he was welcome to stop by for a minute. When he came in the door he grabbed me, picked me up and laughed. And when he laughs it lights up his whole face. Then he sat on the steps, pulled me onto his lap and asked me about my day. He didn't stay long, but it was long enough.

Life is funny.

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  1. MsJamie1411/03/2011

    Me likey the new guy.


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