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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sensory Issues

I hate having stuff touch my wrists so I wear a lot of 3/4-length sleeves or bell sleeves.

Yesterday I wore a sweater that fit close to the wrists and all day long I was pulling at them and feeling hot. I don't know why having my wrists touched with clothing makes me feel hot, but it does.

One of my friend Honeysmoke's daughters has this issue too. She doesn't like to have stuff touching her arms because she gets hot.

I also don't like sleeping in pajamas. To me, that's like laying in the bed fully dressed. I like to sleep in the buff, really, and I can do a T-shirt or gown, but I absolutely can't sleep with the equivalent of pants on.

Anybody else have these issues? No? Just me and Baby Honeysmoke? OK.

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