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Sunday, November 6, 2011

TapBack Ratchetness

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that my high school boyfriend has been texting me. We stumbled across each other on a reunion site and had exchanged some emails, but I made the mistake of giving him my phone number.

Now, I don't mind catching up and keeping in touch. But I was a little taken aback when he sent me a "here's how I look all grown up" pic of himself and he was looking, um, yeah. Let's just say, for somebody who is into brothers with braids he may be nice looking. For me, not so much.

And I was a bit put off with the textese he used to message me, especially considering he is three years older than me which makes him firmly in his 40s. (I skipped a grade so I was 14 in the 10th grade and he was a senior when I was a sophomore. It was more a talk on the phone, walk me to my class kind of relationship because I couldn't date or have company. He did let me wear his class ring).

But the final ohHELLno was when he asked if he could come up for a weekend and help me get over my divorce with his...well you know what I'm not saying here.

What part of the game is this?!

So when I say tap dance yo' ass on back to wherever it is you have been, that's the dickery I'm talking about right there. Just all manner of wrong and out of order. Between him and college boyfriend trying to save my sinful soul from the devil and his evil minions via Bible scripture, I am all tapped out on tap back at the moment.

That is all. Thanks and bye.


  1. MsJamie1411/06/2011

    Wow. Ratchedness indeed! Boi bye!

  2. Mywhateva11/06/2011

    no second time arounds.


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