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Monday, November 14, 2011

Why It's Nice To Have a "Man-Friend" Aside From The Obvious

They do ish around the house.

For example, this summer the teacher hung some stuff for me and had promised to hang some others before we stopped seeing each other. Those same pictures are laying in the same place waiting waiting waiting waiting.

He also looked at this estimate I had gotten for some work I needed done to my car and told me that I was being cheated and when I went to my regular mechanic (why I went to those other people, I dunno) he fixed what needed to be fixed and told me all that other stuff was fine and it cost me about one-third of what I had been quoted.

I think I started crushing on him THAT DAY. LOL! He was cute, though. REALLLLLLLLLLL cute. With a gorgeous smile and some really pretty and expressive eyes. Whoowheeeee.

*pauses for a minute to reflect on what might have been*

ANYWAY, fast forward to last night.

One of my toilets has been running and I tinkered with it and couldn't fix it and since I don't use that bathroom I just cut the water off to the toilet and kept it moving.

My new casual dating friend (I think I shall call him the Jamaican from now on) came over and used that restroom and asked me why I had cut the water off (I had forgotten it was off). I explained that it had been running and I couldn't fix it or make it stop so I shut the water off instead. He looked inside the tank jiggled something, figured out what was wrong, fixed it so that it wouldn't run in the short-term and said he would go to Home Depot one day this week and get the part it needed and fix it.


I like a man that can and will push a plow, shovel some snow, cut some grass, tote groceries, do ish with a drill, kill spiders and all that.

Loooooong before I was married I went on a couple of dates with a guy and he came by to pick me up for one of our dates. He looked at my old azz house and said, "it will be hard for a man to please you because you have done so much for yourself." *blink* Needless to say, that brother was fired.

That's how some dudes stay losing. That's right, I don't need you to buy me a house or car. I did that. But you can help me take care of this stuff I own.

Plus, I rattle pots and pans for handy brothers. LOL!

Happy Monday everybody, have a good one.


  1. Mywhateva11/14/2011

    And I might add that those men who do stuff around the house also get taken care of in the bedroom. Those who are hardheaded and listen to their mamas instead of their wife don't get a darn thing.

  2. "...I rattle pots and pans for handy brothers." ROFLMAO

  3. SassyJJ11/21/2011

    Yeaaaaaaa buddy!


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