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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A love letter to...

...my baby.

I've seen and heard your heartbeat several times now and every time you show up on screen you squirm around like you're doing a little dance. Or you want us to leave you alone. Either way, you are definitely my child. LOL!

Your dad is excited, along with your Nana J, Nana B and PopPop. None of us thought this day would come so we're probably a little bit too much for you right now. It will calm down. Someday. Maybe not. You'll be OK though, nobody ever died from too much love.

When my stomach is hurting because I'm starving even though I just ate five minutes ago, I picture you like a little baby bird in there with your mouth opening and closing waiting for me to bring you food. Especially when, from day-to-day, you don't like the same thing so I am forever on the hunt for something that will stay IN my stomach and not end up in the toilet bowl (or all over the car. Long story, let's move on...)

OH! And I know you will love your doggy buddy, who is so kind and helpfully licks my leg when I'm retching in the bathroom.

Anyway, in a few months I will be holding you in my arms and as much as I can, I hope to write to you so that you will always know how much I love you.

Happy Valentine's Day! -- Mommy SLS


  1. Awwe Congratulations Baby SLS & Family!

  2. Mywhateva2/14/2012

    so happy for you. 

  3. bashowell2/14/2012

    Awww so sweet

  4. How exciting, congrats!

  5. natasha2/14/2012


  6. Tiffany In Houston2/14/2012

    *squealing* Congratulations!!!

  7. Awesome news.  Congratulations. 

  8. Thirteen Pounds2/21/2012



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