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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What to do with myself?

After sitting at home with my thoughts and nervous energy for days, I decided to bring myself to work cause I needed something to do that wasn't crazy.

When I'm faced with situations outside my control I tend to start looking for things I can do that I do have control over, like cutting off all my hair and dying it blonde (my hairdresser said she wants me to marinate on this for a week because she's not sure it's what I really want).

Or buying a bunch of stuff to finish decorating my living room (I saved a bunch of stuff on Pinterest, just need my handyman to come do some measurements for me).

Or trading in my roadster and buying a shiny new convertible (I need to get my car detailed before I can trade it in).

Or figuring out what to do with the empty room that was going to be the baby room (I cleared the little bit of stuff I had in there out and now it's wide open with no curtains or blinds on the windows or anything).

Or buying a doggy car seat for my puppy cause he likes to ride with his head hanging out of the window, but he wants to sit in my lap and I can't have that. And a basket for my bicycle that he can ride in. And an Avengers T-shirt for him.

I think what's really sort of blown me away is how down Mr. XSLS has been. I'll admit that, even though he was all gung-ho about our baby appointments and had promised me he would be a better father to our child than he had been a husband to me, I still sort of didn't believe he was 100 percent there with me.

Anyway, I'm not saying anything here just rambling. And listening to Yolanda.

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  1. Nice post.  I didn't know they had doggie car seats.  Wow The more you know *Shooting Stars


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