"There are notes between notes, you know." -- Sarah Vaughan

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm sorry kids....

I've been spending a lot of time managing my public persona and building up that brand and haven't had much left over for this blog.

But here's a quick stream of consciousness ramble about what's been going on with me:

I've finally figured out the best set point for calories and exercise so that I am losing weight, but not starving and I am moving but not feeling broken and sore every day.

Me and Mr. XSLS hung out on Sunday. It was almost like we were still married. He called, asked what I was doing, I said, "trying to figure out how I'm going to Cairo, China, Denver, Nice, Hollywood and Paris in the next few months." He said let's go see Prometheus, so we did. Then we grabbed some dinner, went to Home Depot and he fixed something on my car. He's a good friend.

Work has given me a headache lately, so as I noted above, I've stepped up my branding, social networking and career networking activities. I need a new gig, I'm just waiting for the right one to present itself and putting myself in positions to hear about those opportunities.

I'm loving my TWA. The ease of taking care of it, the way it feels -- everything.

I think I've accepted the fact that I may never have biological children. I still need to make peace with it though.

I've been reading this blog of a 42-year-old woman who dates younger -- much younger -- men exclusively and beyond them looking good and possibly having more, um, stamina, than an older guy, I'm not seeing the appeal. A lot of the dudes she's hanging out with are still in college and, in my mind, that means they don't have sufficient funds for entertainment, travel etc. I mean, we're talking about students here. But, it's her life and not mine so I guess I'll keep the judgment to a minimum.

I want to take my dog and move somewhere far away where I can learn a new language and culture.

I'm tired of being a homeowner. I mean, I'm grateful that I have a place to live and that I can easily pay the mortgage, but I'm tired of the constant upkeep.

Oh well, that is all.