"There are notes between notes, you know." -- Sarah Vaughan

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey! *waves*

What's everybody been up to lately?

My family has been visiting for the past two weeks (mom's side and then dad's side) and that was fun.

I'm trying to learn some basic Arabic phrases before I travel to Cairo.

Mr. SLS bought a new car and now I want a new car.

I'm still watching calories and doing water aerobics and my waistline is showing the results. Thinking about adding spinning into the mix so I can get some cardio going.

My new favorite beauty product is tinted sunblock. I've been using it all summer instead of foundation and I may never use foundation again.

I have started wearing blush every day along with always having my lips glossy and my eyelashes mascara'd. It doesn't feel as makeup-y with the tinted sunblock as it did with foundation (which I only wore on special occasions anyway). I think I look more polished on a daily basis now.

My twa is growing out nice and curly. All the juices and berries are working nicely.

I signed my doggy up for day care and he starts on Wednesday. What?

I wrote down my goal for the year and have been doing at least one thing a week toward meeting it. This has helped me to realize that I am scared to leave D.C. for another city in the U.S., but not afraid to leave it for an international city. I think this is because I could get the right job in a new city, but have to rebuild my friend network. A move to an international city would be temporary so the pressure to make friends wouldn't be as great. Does that make sense?

Oh, well. What's going with y'all?