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Monday, August 19, 2013

Alright, alright, alrighttttttt, just keep on livin'

Welp, I had an extra fun weekend and came to work feeling all easy breezy cover girl today. *twirls and sprinkles confetti all over the blog*

I joined the gym at work (I mentioned in my last post that I need to lose more weight, build some muscle and flatten this stomach, cause only babies look cute with bellies) and I reached out to Mr. XSLS about helping me find a vocal coach. Once I get a fire under my ass I do get on the move.

I also went on 'head and relaxed my hair again. I am loving my ash blonde pixie cut fitty-leven more times than I loved my twa. I mean I loved the EASE of caring for the twa, but I feel more attractive with relaxed hair. And given that I got  "hey Miss Lady, lookin' good" from three different dudes within 20 minutes as I walked from the bank back to work earlier, Imma say that my assessment was dead on.

That's all I'm giving you today, though I have some interesting post ideas for the rest of the week. Write at you soon! *sashays out of the blog*


  1. Glad to see you blogging again!

  2. Welcome back to Team Creamy Crack! LOL.


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