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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making a way when there ain't one

I took my current job partly because I needed to move on from where I was and partly because I wanted something that had regular hours so I could focus on being a wife and mom. The hours were good, the money was nice, the offices were walking distance from Mr. XSLS' house and though I hated it at first, I eventually found the sweet spot and settled in.

But I'm not a wife or a mother now, and I'm not as challenged as I would like to be in this position. In my current organization the opportunities to learn and do new things have been abundant, but the opportunities to move up are limited. Last year I felt sure I was meant to be the lead player on a new startup project, but the gig went to someone else. Even though I was disappointed at the time, I look at what that team has built over the past few months and know it was the right decision. And now you're thinking that I should get on the good foot and look for a job that would meet my needs, right? Riiighhhht, cause that makes sense.

Umhm, well here's the problem with that: As I've gotten older, I've become more risk averse. I could and, at least in one instance, should have moved on. But moving on scares me in many ways as my industry is in turmoil. What if I go somewhere and end up being laid off or, worse yet, bomb and get fired? Even though I might feel like I'm in my late 20s, my ass is on the right side of 35. I can't be broke. I have a mortgage, a car payment, a pampered pooch. And retirement savings to continue building.

Still, my father taught me that you have to make your own luck. So, I've been chatting with someone in the building trying to write my own gig. This may not work, but I know for me right now, creating a new opportunity inside the building is preferable to jumping to someplace else. The devil you know and all that.

Have you become more or less of a risk taker over the years when it comes to your career? Why or why not?

Progress note: I signed up for a comedy improv class

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