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Monday, April 21, 2014

Freedom Is *NOT* Free

I spent some time clicking back through old posts yesterday and laughing, but as I scrolled through, I noticed something: I've written A LOT about not liking my job.

Now, I'm trying to figure out if that's a matter of me having a bad day or week and writing about it here or have I really been this consistently unhappy in this job. And, if the latter is true, what the fuck yo?! Six years I've been there. Six years. Six years of unhappiness?!! Is this for real?

Naw man. Naw!

My responsible side says, "I've got bills and a mortgage, I can't just quit." But a part of me that's starting to talk louder than the responsible side is saying, "QUIT THIS DAMN JOB. Just quit. Get some Obamacare, cut way back and be free while you find something else you want to do that won't have you writing in a blog for SIX GODDAMNED YEARS about how unhappy you are doing it."

The question is, which voice am I going to listen to?


  1. Hopefully I won't be blogging in your comments, if I do, forgive me.

    I was like you, always responsible, always mindful that I needed a steady paycheck and had bills. And I actually had a job I liked. It wasn't exciting, but it was rewarding (helping people in need) and it had perks like working from home and not a lot of micromanagement. It would have been the PERFECT situation if I had a hubby and some kids. I could work from home, drop kids off at school, make dinner for the family, pick kids up, etc...the thing is...I don't have a husband or kids.

    So the opportunity presented itself to go work on a movie for 3 months...a big feature film...I figured...why not? The thing is...there was no guarantee of employment after the movie wrapped. And as long as I'm in this business there will NEVER be a guarantee of work. I'll always have to hustle. I'll always have to look out for myself getting my bills paid, buying health insurance etc. If you knew me, you know that none of that sounds appealing (I've never wanted to be an entrepreneur). But I went for it anyway.

    And you know what? Things have worked out. That movie led to another and even an opportunity where I have to turn down work to work on other projects. And I'm moving up the chain pretty fast already where I've taken a job that doubled the rate I was getting along with all these other perks. And I only made the decision to leave my job in October. So while the next job still isn't promised...the step of faith I took is paying off in spades. And you know what, if I ever want to go back to the 9-5 life, it's not going anywhere.

    All this to say...life is short. And you're in a season where you don't have much responsibility to anyone else (husband, kids...whether that is what you wanted or not...it is what it is) so why not try? And you never know who you'll meet on your new journey that will lead you to the direction you want your life to go (husband/kids etc) and even if it doesn't, at least you'll be doing something you love and enjoy.

  2. Listen, I've been having the same conversations with my people. A work friend is stepping out and following her dream and I keep thinking "why am I not doing the same thing?" For me, it's the fear of letting go of what I was always to pursue - go to school, get a job, work work work, retire. As much as I hate the corporate grind I'm also afraid that I can't or won't be successful doing my own thing, and it's easier to stay with the stuff I know than step out into the unknown. But I'm unhappy in the corporate grind, my time isn't my own, my hard work doesn't go to my bottom line, and I'm so tired of it. I think the Universe is sending me signs that I need to make moves and stop being scared.

  3. SingLikeSassy4/21/2014

    Ladies I have TWO friends who stepped off the grid -- one a couple of years ago and one a few months ago. Both are happy. Why I can't see that what they did is something *I* can do too, I don't know. Fear is a muthafucka.

  4. I was happy before...but I'm happy now too. I just happened to get on a ride that's much more exhilarating. And for me, that's what life is about, really making the most of it and having more to life than just get up, go to work, rinse, repeat... THE CORPORATE WORLD AIN'T GOING NOWHERE. LOL


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